March, 2017

Report to the Community Shows Foundation’s Impact

Every year, the Foundation publishes a Report to the Community that tells the story of the difference the Foundation made during the previous year. Frequently, these reports are award-winning in caliber. The most recent report, titled “Making a Difference,” received a Gold Award in the nonprofit category of the League of American Communications Professionals’ 2015/2016 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition. It was ranked #36 on the list of the Top 100 annual reports worldwide and was named the Best Agency Report. According to LACP, “This year’s annual report proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition. The first impression presented by this annual report is exceptional while the cover of the publication is outstanding. The level of creativity exhibited in the report is outstanding, which is supported by exceptional clarity in communicating this year’s key messages. It should also be noted that accessibility to key information sought by readers is superb.”