It was a blessing and perfectly timed for me personally. I am so inspired to give of myself, do for others, and do for ME. It will be a great 2016.



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Visit the Caring Connection, a user-friendly, interactive tool where you can learn about meaningful and convenient ways to “Put your Passion into Action” by volunteering where you live, work and play.



Individual sponsorship opportunities are available for those who would like to make more specific contributions. Sponsor your favorite nonprofit organization’s membership in the Difference Maker! Network and more. Contact us to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

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  • The Difference Maker! Movement engages individuals who desire to make a difference in the world through your volunteer experiences, sharing information about your personal difference maker activities and making donations to worthy causes.
  • The Difference Maker! Movement benefits people like you by providing opportunities to engage with nonprofit organizations that make a difference, as well as through volunteering and personal giving.
  • Individuals can become members of the Difference Maker! Movement, find recommendations for volunteer opportunities through the Caring Connection and, above all, tap into a network of like-minded people who are committed to changing the world or helping their local community
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Individuals, nonprofits, and for-profit corporations are invited to apply to become members of the Difference Maker! Network, a new Foundation initiative that launched in April 2017. Members receive:

  1. Helpful information that allows them to create new philanthropic opportunities,
  2. Best practices to effectively and efficiently manage their programs and initiatives, and
  3. Consultation and advice that helps them grow their organization or business.