Nonprofit Organizations

Weekend in Boca is an incredible learning opportunity for any charitable organization. The one day extravaganza is packed full of professional speakers and presentations that are extremely relevant to everything an organization needs to know to improve their missions.


The Difference Maker! Movement offers membership opportunities including retreats, programming, fundraising strategies and exclusive content that positively impacts nonprofits’ skillsets in managing your budgets and improving your self-sufficiency.

The Difference Maker! Movement also benefits nonprofit organizations by providing the business expertise, resources and collaboration that will assist in building your capacity while becoming more efficient and effective.

Your organization will have ready access to important tools and resources to help you grow and prosper. Members will be able to take advantage of helpful information, best practices, consultation and advice.

Individuals, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses are invited to apply to become members of the Difference Maker! Network, a new Foundation initiative that is scheduled to fully launch in April 2017. Members will receive:

  1. Helpful information that allows you to create new philanthropic opportunities,
  2. Best practices to effectively and efficiently manage your programs and initiatives, and
  3. Consultation and advice that helps you grow your organization or business.

By participating in the Difference Maker! Network and implementing Foundation recommendations, nonprofits and businesses will have the potential to:

  • Increase your fundraising
  • Enhance your networking opportunities
  • Promote your products/services/capabilities
  • Differentiate themselves from your peers
  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Attract new customers/supporters and increase the loyalty of existing ones
  • Raise the profile of your leadership
  • Build morale and employee engagement; and
  • Boost stakeholder trust.

Annual cost of membership will be tiered with the Foundation providing an increasing number of benefits from Tier 1 to Tier 3.


First-tier members receive access to:

  • Membership directory
  • Access to Facebook closed group to ask questions, provide feedback and be informed on upcoming events
  • Exclusive content including newsletters, webinars, and podcasts
  • Templates, guides, best practices, and tip sheets on a wide range of topics

These will help you to introduce and/or manage philanthropic programs that support your organization or business.


Second-tier members receive the benefits listed above plus:

  • Early signup and networking opportunities at receptions and events
  • Preferred rates for conferences
  • Support in developing a business strategy and giving plan

These will help you promote your organization or business.


Third-tier members receive the benefits listed above plus:

  • Access to advertising and marketing opportunities
  • Weekly, bi-monthly, and quarterly consultation and advice
  • Access to Caring Connection volunteers to support events and activities
  • Access to qualified grant writers
  • Mastermind facilitation by Foundation representatives
  • Use of incubator space
  • Access to professional services, promotional items, and training sessions at preferred rates.

These will help you grow your organization or business.